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I am a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech's EPIC lab. I defended my Ph.D. dissertation, "Practice Makes Perfect: Leveraging Exoskeleton Interactions To Elucidate The Motor Learning Process," at the University of Texas at Austin in July 2023. I earned my MS in Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University in 2018. Other research stints include internships at IIT Bombay (2015-16), Intel (summer 2018), and Meta Reality Labs (summer 2022). I was honored as a 2022 Rising Star in ME and a 2023 CalTech Young Investigator Lecturer, and have received funding from various sources including UT Austin's graduate fellowship (2022-23), an NSF M3X grant, and through collaborations with Meta Reality Labs and Google Brain. 


My research centers on physical human-robot interaction for the assistance, rehabilitation, and augmentation of human motion. At Georgia Tech, I am exploring how reinforcement learning can inform gait assistance in stroke survivors using a hip exoskeleton. At UT's ReNeu robotics lab, I used upper-extremity wearable devices to better understand able-bodied motor learning. At Columbia University's ROAR lab, I explored the impact of pelvic forces on gait rehabilitation, in able-bodied participants and those suffering from cerebral palsy.


I believe that harnessing human and robot learning abilities allows us to engineer more intelligent and effective human-robot interactions. I am passionate about realizing this vision through my research. I am on the job market! Send me an email if you'd like to chat.

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